Nyla Mae Cooper

10/30/2009 – 3/14/2022

Nyla at 4 – 6 weeks old was a gift to us from my sister; and what a treasured gift she was!!  She loved to take walks and get treats.  Nyla enjoyed playing with her pink unicorn and her squeaky balls.  She was a pro-napper and a great listener.  Nyla enjoyed going to the beach with her family.  And her morning visits to get breakfast at McDonalds; her favorite things to eat were sausage biscuits and plain McChickens.

Nyla, also known as Mamacita, Proto, Boogie, My Baby, is survived by her mom and dad, her sister, Vanessa and a new baby brother coming in July, 2022.

Nyla was a very loyal and compassionate with the instinct to always protect.  She was a good dog – THE BEST DOGGY IN THE WORLD!!

  • Michael and Angela Cooper


So very sorry for your loss.