Wiley Smith

August 14, 2004 – March 3, 2022

Wiley was born in a West Virginia puppy mill.  He was listed for sale in the paper as a girl; and when we met it turned out there was actually a little girl and 2 boys.  Their lives were so bad to be so little and I felt love at first site.  Since they were puppy mill babies; I came home with all 3!  Wiley was 3months when I brought him and his sibling’s home.  He loved to play with everyone and everything; especially if it made noise and if he could chew it.

After adopting my first Japanese Chin, she had brought so much joy to our family that in a short amount of time we had nine fur balls of joy!   

Wiley is survived by me, his mom; sisters, Kayla and Leilani; and fur-sister, Cricket.  He was preceeded in death by his siblings, Wicket, Winnie, Willow, Lily, Wizzer, Willie, Wrangler and Wi-Ski.

Run free and play till we meet again at the Bridge!  All our love babies!

  • Susan Smith