Dusty Riley

In March, 2002 my mother was feeding a stray that they called “Momma Kitty”.  This cat brought a kitten with her one morning; being a stray, my husband and I decided to take the kitten and named him Dusty.

Dusty loved climbing and lying on clothes fresh out of the dryer and he liked getting under the sheets when making the bed.  Once he tried to get a few licks from a beer bottle someone brought into the house.  Dusty enjoyed patting at the windows during windy days, trying to catch the leaves as they flew by on the outside.  When he was a kitten he liked sitting in the crook of my shoulder and he would purr in my ear.

Sadly, Dusty crossed the Rainbow Bridge on May 16, 2017.  He is survived by his dad, John and me; his siblings, Nikky and Samson.

Although Dusty never won any medals or awards, he did win our hearts!  He was a great cat that had a mellow personality.  He was enjoyed by many others, who often told me if we ever needed another home for him to call them as they would take him in a heartbeat.

 Dusty, I will miss you dearly.

~ Kim Riley


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