Kurbey Griffith

(Kurbey) Korbin Bernard Thumps Griffith

March 15, 2002 December 16, 2016

Kurbey was adopted by the Griffith family at 8 weeks old, outside Harrisonburg, VA.  He liked to play with chew and tug toys.  Kurbey knew how to unwrap presents and how to find Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups! 

Kurbey loved to stay close to us and Missie, his best friend.  He was always under foot and was always where we were and Missie was.  Kurbey traveled with us.  He loved outside, especially playing hide and seek with Missie.  When Kurbey was young the kids tried to ties his ears in a knot; he always went along with what the kids would do with him.  Kurbey also loved to go to the garden with us and run up and down the rows with his dad chasing and hiding without ever cutting through the garden.  When Kurbey was old he still could play with his friend, Rocky, in the back yard, chasing each other… Kurbey always won!

Kurbey is survived by his parents, Joe and Vicki; siblings, Amanda, Jennifer, Jacob.  His best friend Missie passed away 4 months before him in August 2016.    Kurbey is greatly missed; he was always wagging his tail and became extra excited when the kids came home.  Till we see you again…