London Morin



July 20, 2006 – May 16, 2017

London enjoyed sleeping, barking at strangers, and laying the sun.  She loved treats, especially bacon.  London would also give you her paw.

London is survived by Angel, Joe, Jennifer and Heather; also her pet family, Smokey and Marley.

London will be missed very much.  She was little but she was mighty!


The doorbell and security alarm all in one small package. If her barking didn't scare you then her attempts to ankle bite you would. I watched the bundle of sweetness with a side of sassy grow up with my girls. She became a best friend or as they say a little sister. She was a good sport at playing dress up, getting her nails painted, stroller rides (and rode just like a baby), doggy Birthday parties, and fast and furious 4 wheeler rides. They share so many memories with her. It's hard to have to say good bye. Enjoy doggy heaven London. You'll forever have a paw print on our hearts.