Panzer Pete Robinson

10/08/2008  ~  05/25/2017

Panzer came into our life following the death of our previous Rotty, Tasman Devil.  Both Tas and Panzer were true Ambassadors for the breed.  Tassy died of cancer and couldn’t have been more different than Panzer - tho both brought plenty of love, laughter and fun into our lives.  Both dogs flew to Asia and touched many lives there - both were great traveling companions.  Panzer made the trip at 8 weeks and acted like a seasoned flyer.

Panzer loved being with his family and get a good butt rubbing.  He gloried in a nubbin’ scrubbin’!!  Panzer’s special trick was he could ignore us on a whim.  If stubborn was a trick he’d have led a circus.  He sent out love and happiness to almost everyone he met.  He was particularly good at being underfoot in the kitchen.

Panzer was an non-official member of the Good ole boy club and he won the hearts and minds of almost everyone that met him - the greatest award possible

There are so many favorites with Panzer - running out to greet us, doing his happy dance with all four feet off the ground - squeezing between our legs for a good rubbing and doing it all over again and again - settling finally for a good butt scratch and purring like a baby!  Standing on the hope chest and looking out the window.  Putting his head out the truck window, biting at the air, eyes closed, ears flapping in ecstasy - other drivers going by smiling- just loving life and being with us.  As a puppy watching in awe the crows in the back yard, and later watching the birds from the porch.  Romping on the bed, biting the pillows (and at us! - yet never left a mark).  How gentle he could be when he jumped on the bed, even at 110LBs.  Following us around - never being able to close a door - including the bathroom.  Always bringing joy into our lives - enriching our days.

Panzer was a very loyal and true friend.  He loved almost everybody he met, and they most always fell for him.  He fulfilled his namesake; he was truly a Tank - barging through any obstacles. Only once was he aggressive - sensing our unease about a certain person - letting them know not to do anything - being a Rotty - tending his herd.  He was always so gentle with children and at the vet office he was known as a good boy - easy to treat and safe to manipulate.  He was so gentle when offered a treat.  He loved everyone and expected the same in return - and to be touched.  He was a great Ambassador for his breed, a true Gentle Giant.

~ the Robinson family



What a beautiful tribute, wish I could have met him. He sounds amazing, and I'm sure you brought out the best in him. Sending hugs during this difficult time.
Amy & Robbie: So sorry for your loss.
So sorry for your loss. He sounds like he was an amazing family member, Love the pictures of him and your tribute.
Any and Robbie, So sorry for your loss. I know how special he was to you and what I special boy he was. Sending my condolences to you both.