Mamacita Shields

2011 ~ May 27, 2018

Mamacita was born somewhere in Flint Hill and was rescued by the Shields family.  She loved to wrestle and snuggle with her Dad; also to sit on your feet.  Mamacita enjoyed playing with her bones and a rubber tire outside.  Her special trick was making peanut butter disappear!  Mamacita cherished life and all it had to offer by laying down in front of the basement door watching and looking for bunnies and squirrels; watching us in the kitchen while cooking; going for car rides and hiking.

Her family will always remember that she was the sweetest dog ever, proved that pit bulls are loving and sweet and caring, stubborn but smart, friendly towards everyone, smelled everything and everyone twice over, Mamacita loved taking naps alongside dad, trying to cuddle with mom while folding laundry, loved playing tug a war with grandpa and then chewing up the rope afterwards, always sitting on their feet and always being the first to welcome someone in the house.

Mamacita crossed the Rainbow Bridge on Sunday, May 27, 2018 at her Strasburg home, surrounded by her family.  She is survived by her parents, Renualdo and Keli; and grandpa, Bob Royal.