Joshua Hezekiah Neff






May 10, 2004


May 18, 2019







I bought Joshie 3 months after my first dachshund passed away.  My best friend, Vicki, bought his brother, Caleb; who is now deceased.

Joshie loved to snuggle with me.  He enjoyed playing with his Kong, which always had a treat inside.  And Joshie was a great Elvis impersonator; he knew exactly how to get his little lip up there!  I loved watching him enjoy going for rides in my truck.  He loved to eat all the ripened strawberries from my garden.  Joshie was faithful, sensitive and never left my side when I was sick.  He will be forever missed.

Joshie is survived by me, his momma; Sister, Zoe; Grandmother, Mary; Aunts, Michelle and Patty; Uncle Todd; Cousins, Dolce and Whitney; and our best friend, Vicki Curry.

~ Tonya Neff