Lucy Burchfield-Cosgrove

Lucille Josephine Furr (Lucy Furr) jump into our lives, literally, on February 9, 2004, in Encino, CA.  Lucy and her kittens were rescued from a tent on a front porch in the San Fernando Valley after being abandoned by her first owner.  We had planned to adopt her son, but Lucy banged on her cage, jumped in her water bowl, and purred so loudly that when the cage door opened, she couldn't get to her daddy Kevin fast enough.  She landed in his arms and didn't leave for the rest of her life.

Lucy was our third cat and every inch a diva.  She would let you know when things were not to her liking, usually with a plaintive meow or persistent purr.  She made her point very clearly, always getting her way.  Lucy thought whatever you were eating was hers, especially Cheez-its, goldfish, and ice cream.  She brought Guess Who's Coming to Dinner to a whole new level as she slink around the plates to see what she could nab.

Staring us down was a favorite pastime of Lucy's.  She hated her husband, Osk.  They were worse than an old married couple.  Despite her diminutive size, Lucy held her own against him, and would often make her position on the issues of the day very clear.  She always took care of her daddies, making sure we were okay, cuddling daddy Steve back to sleep on restless nights, or sitting with daddy Kevin in the living room after a long day.  She was determined and a fighter.  In 2017, Lucy was very ill and near death, before overcoming a severe infection and providing us 2 bonus years of her love and affection, for which we are incredibly grateful.  

After a gradual decline, and on a sun-splashed Saturday, April 27, 2019, it was time for Lucy to rest.  She passed peacefully at home surrounded by those she loved (even Osk).