Abigail “Abby” Richard

November 21, 2005 – April 29, 2020

Abby was rescued from North Carolina.  I adopted her from PetSmart when she was 5 weeks.  When I first adopted Abby, she was so scared.  She would go to her food bowl to get her food, and then she would carry it, drop it on the floor, then eat it.  Abby completed training classes at PetSmart.  She loved to ride with me on my job of making deliveries.  I took her to work with me every day when she was little.  I was self-employed and Abby loved to ride in the van.   She enjoyed catching a frisbee and she would do tricks for cheese.   Abby loved any toys that would squeak.  She slept with me in my bed; until she was grown then she stopped sleeping with me.  Abby was my life when I was single and I could not wait to get home to see and be with her.

Abby crossed the bridge on April 29th at home with me and dad by her side.  She is survived by Eddie and me; also, Nikki, Lyniece, Ezekiel, Crystal and Cameron.

Abby has taken a piece of my heart with her; she will be forever loved.

  • Nancy Richard