Suki McCauley

12/29/2008 – 4/27/2021

My sister told me about puppies in the newspaper; I went to New Market, VA to see them and fell in love with her immediately.   Suki enjoyed life!  She would chase her basketball and splash in her pool.  Suki really loved her teddy bear.

She knew her routine so well; once I gave her a greenie before I fed her instead of after and she took it in the living room dropped it and came back to the kitchen and ate her food, then went back and ate her greenie.  Suki was good about going outside to potty; if she had to go out she would not leave me alone until I got up and let her out.

Suki is survived by a large family who loved her; me, her mom; siblings – Tim, Tammy and Donnie (Phillishia); Aunts and Uncles – Donna, Peggy and John, Pauline and Tim; Nieces and Nephews – Michael, Maisey, Morghan, Macon, Matthew, Brett, Sean, Corey, Kevin, Desire, Kayla Maraya, and Chase; and lots of cousins.

Suki was so lovable and always by my side trying to help me with everything I did.  She loved helping me pick up sticks from the yard; however she always wanted to play.  Suki is forever loved and is greatly missed… until we meet at the Bridge, my sweet girl.

-Mary McCauley