Heckles Flanigan

We adopted Heckles from our neighbors, who were moving across the country.  He loved to sunbathe on his cat tower near the window.  Heckles enjoyed playing with bendable pipe cleaners; the soft ones.  He would play fetch with toy mice, like a dog.  Heckles also liked being wrapped around my neck.

My favorite memories are every day when I would came home, Heckles was always there to greet me, love me, and be a bit of a comic relief.  He loved to cuddle and his presence was always soothing.

Heckles was torn from our lives on May 18, 2022 by a hit and run.  Despite his age, he had never been more active or personable.  To see his life ripped away from him when he still had so much left in him was and is heartbreaking.  I sympathize with pet owners everywhere that have had their furbabies lost to car accidents.

  • Marshall Flanigan