Mokka Bear von Drury

27 Sept 2003 - 28 May 2022
In October of 2003 I was thinking about finding a Dachshund pup since I had recently lost a dog.
My friend, Liz Stutz learned about a Doxi puppy that was available from a breeder in Clinton,
MD and she called me right away. This was the same breeder from whom she had obtained
her dog Truffle a little less than 2 years earlier – Bear’s biological brother. After her call, I
dropped everything and drove straight to the breeder’s home to meet baby Bear. The minute I
saw him it was love at first sight and I couldn’t wait to bring him home!
Mokka Bear von Drury Taylor, was the son of canine father, Fantasy’s Digger von Weenie and
canine mother, Karla’s Wenchie Pookins of Clinton, MD.
He loved to Eat! He was crazy about veggies and bites of banana and peanut butter. A special
treat was his very own “eggie” on Saturday for breakfast. He loved to play fetch with his chew
toys, run in the grass, chase skinks around the driveway until their tails fell off, play rough-
house, catch-me-if-you-can and hide and seek around the kitchen island with his Mom and sit
close or snuggle next to us or in one of his 5 beds! Extra special fun times meant taking a trip
to his Daddy Darryl’s Eastern Shore house in Wachapreage, Virginia and going for an evening
ride in his yellow golf cart, snuggled in the seat between the two of us. Other times it was
spending an overnight at his Aunt Liz’ house in Virginia where he could run around barking and
playing for hours with his big brother, Truffle and cousins Dharma, Cooper, Meggi and Schatzi
Stutz. Bear idolized Truffle and the two of them loved to stand on their hind legs and stand
face to face and dance in circles until they were two very tired pups.
Bear loved his toys! When he wanted to play fetch or tug-of-war with us he would run around
the corner to the kitchen where his toy basket was sitting, piled high with every fuzzy, squeaky
toy a little dog could want. He would take his time deciding on just the right one and then he’d
run into the room and tease us with his favorite – usually his bunny with no tail and one half-
chewed ear, his hedgehog, or Lamb Chop, or his birdhouse with little squeaky birds that he
could pull out of holes in the sides. But his most beloved toy was his “flat squirrel” that his
Aunt Liz gave him. Even after jaw and tooth problems made it difficult to play with toys, he still
kept “flat squirrel” close by and rested his head on it when he was tired.
Bear was such a smart little guy. He taught himself every trick he knew. I admit was not the
best dog trainer, but Bear was an excellent human trainer! He was well aware that begging for
food at the table was a no-no in his Mom’s book but he also knew that if he hung in there long
enough he was bound to score a morsel from his Daddy Darryl. His special trick “Sit Up and Beg
Forever” involved sitting in an upright position for as long as possible and if his doggie arms got
tired he just let them hang. I think he picked that up from watching “Meerkat Manor” on TV.
We will always have wonderful memories of Mokka Bear. Other than the day I first met “baby
Bear”, our favorite memory will always be seeing the excitement in his eyes on Christmas Eve 
when wrapped presents began showing up under the tree. He knew what was to come – that
there would be something yummy for him to unwrap and we usually had to tell him to stop
investigating the presents ahead of time and to WAIT! On Christmas morning as soon as he was
given the OK, he began tearing into the paper, scratching, ripping and flinging little torn pieces
everywhere until he found every prize. He opened present after present until we made him
stop and rest. It was his best day of the year and ours too. Christmas will never be the same
Mokka Bear was a beautiful dog with long, fluffy, soft, chocolate brown fur and cute little
turned-out front feet. In his healthy, youth he had sparkling golden-brown eyes and was a
strong, non-stop little athlete who loved to jump and run. Bear was one-of-a-kind, complex
little being that I loved, respected, cared for and was deeply attached to for 18 years, 8 months
and 1 very dreaded day. He was smart, curious, bright and intuitive. In times of sadness, he
would kiss my tears away and then sit quietly by me. He loved affection and being touched and
told he was a Good Boy! As he got older and less active, Bear enjoyed quiet times sitting on my
lap on the front porch just gazing at the world, or with his Daddy D just being close and feeling
secure. When he was on-guard, not much escaped his field of vision or territory (until age and
disease took his sight and hearing). Even then, Bear taught himself ways to cope and manage,
with our help and guidance. He was a mixture of happy and funny, feisty and headstrong,
independent and loving. Mokka Bear was never one to back down but he always knew (after
some thought) when he should apologize for overstepping his boundaries. Sometimes a little
force to be reckoned with indeed! In his mind I am convinced he believed he was the Alpha
Male in the family, but accepted the fact that he really wasn’t. Bear loved people and when the
doorbell rang, it certainly meant someone was there to visit him. He was quite “Bark-spoken”
and communicative and determined to be heard and understood! He was completely spoiled
and adored and he loved us back with all his heart. In his life, Bear endured setbacks and much
physical pain but his spirit and will to live was strong. He was tough and courageous and
undaunted. He was fortunate to have had one forever home with people that gave him love
and constant care. He always knew where he belonged and that he was safe. He and I had a
bond that was deep and unspoken. I was his shelter and his protector. He loved me
unconditionally his entire life and his best buddy, Daddy D for all the years they were together.
On May 28, 2022 Mokka Bear faced his journey from this world across the “Rainbow Bridge”
unafraid and in pure peace. Free now to dance with his brother Truffle, to run and bark with
his cousins Dharma and Cooper Stutz and to see the sky and to hear the wind.
Mokka Bear is survived by his Mom, Celia Taylor, his Daddy Darryl Matthews, his Aunt Liz Stutz,
canine cousins Meggi and Schatzi Stutz and many others that loved him.
You will always be the best boy ever, Mokka Bear. The best.