Midnight Duncan











October, 1997 - November 21, 2017

Our precious and beloved, Midnight, joined our family in 1997.  A buddle of joy, chocolate with a little white color kitten, and born in Front Royal, Va. As soon as we saw her, we adopted her as our own because her eyes and personality showed us what kind of love she could give us. We’ve had 20 years of many joyful memories with her, and how she will be tremendously and deeply missed.  Some of the wonderful memories we shared were of her precious meows, cuddles and purrs, the laughter of watching her chase her sister and buddy, playing with her favorite bird toys, her peaceful presence, her hide and go seek times, and her unconditional love. Most of all we will miss the presence and love of both her and her sister. It has been heartbreaking to lose her just 4 months after the loss of her sister, Destiny, but because of her age and underlying issues, she was ready to be with her buddy and sister at the Rainbow Bridge. We will always love and miss her deeply in our hearts forever, until one day we will be reunited with her once again. We find peace that she is running free at the Rainbow Bridge with Destiny, our vibrant, joyful, and happy Midnight again. Our love will always remain deep for our Midnight. We miss you so much, but we know that you and Destiny are loved, happy, healthy, and playing together again.