Pablo Piscitelli












After a long battle with congestive heart failure, Pablo crossed the rainbow bridge Friday night, we’re glad he will once again meet up with his friend Pickle. Pablo came into our lives five years ago as a senior dog who had been abused most of his life. Despite the unfair treatment he received from humans, Pablo couldn’t have loved people more. He brought great joy into our lives, and did more for us than we could have ever done for him. He didn’t have a favorite toy or a special trick, although he loved car rides with his head out the window, enjoying the wind. He enjoyed being around us all the time. His favorite moments were sharing pizza and mac & cheese with his dad. We will forever remember him smiling, and how he slept with his tongue out, snoring louder than us. We will miss how he greeted us by the door each day when we came home, and how excited he would get when he knew it was time for a treat. We love you Pablo.