Luna Apricot Lilac Moon Youngblood


January 19, 2004 – September 4, 2018


After a few months from getting Peaches, we decided we need another Sharpei.  Luna’s “gotcha” day was March 7, 2004.  Luna and Peaches, both, came home on Full moon Sundays; and they loved each other immediately!

Luna liked playing with his nylabone dino and enjoyed having his photo taken; he was very photogenic. 

We will always remember how much Luna loved us and his brother.  He always looked up to Peaches.  We would tease him, “Monkey see, Monkey do!”  Luna was the adoring, pesky little brother to Peaches.  He was the bravest dog ever.  Luna had many challenges; however when confronted with a difficult situation, he steeled himself and dove right in.  We are so proud of him.

Luna will be missed daily and forever in our hearts!

~ Youngblood family


I am so sorry for your loss. Luna was very handsome & sounds like he was amazingly sweet.
Kathy, Your love for Luna and Peaches was wonderful and touching. May both of them live in your memory until you meet again.