Ashley Lutz


GCHB, UGRCH, UACH, URO3, UCD Timbreblue Windrydr Biker Girl, CD, MC, FCH, RAE10, AJP, AXP, OA, OAJ, CGC, TKN, TT, CAVX

Our Calvin sired the litter Ashley was in and she became my “stud fee puppy” from her breeder.  For the 14 ½ years Ashley was with us, she enjoyed playing with all squeaky toys.  Her special trick was she could back up in place.

Ashley loved lure coursing and agility.  She belonged to the American Whippet Club, Blue Ridge Dog Training and Mattaponi KC.  Ashley has won many awards and medals over the years.  The CAVX is the American Whippet Club’s Champion Award of Versatility Excellent, which is an accumulation of all of them.

We shall always remember the way she’d jump into my arms when she was younger.   Run free Ashley, run free!

  • Fred and Roberta Lutz