Radar Shingleton













Radar passed away peacefully alongside his human mom of 8 ½ years, Saturday, November 23, 2019. 

Radar was brought home at 6months old from an abusive family in Richmond.  He quickly began building a loving relationship with all of those in contact with him.  Radar was welcomed into many homes because of his personality and behavior.  He loved his treats, belly rubs and kisses.  Radar loved to ride especially with his human mother.  “Anywhere I could take him, Radar would hop right on in”, says Kim.  If Radar ever got upset he would grab a slipper and move it back and forth until he felt better. He slept with his human mom and loved lying in front of the fan each night before going night-night.  Radar would get his belly rub, kisses and a “I love you” from his mommy.

Besides his mother, Radar leaves behind 2 human brothers, Grandma, Aunts, fur cousin, Marley and many other amazing family and friends. 

At the wishes of Radar’s family, please give your fur babies extra hugs, kisses and belly rubs and treats on a daily basis.

Radar you will be forever in mommy’s heart!!  I miss and love you!!!