Maya Maloney (AKA Grandma)






23 May 2005


23 November 2020







Maya joined the Maloney pack on 3 May 2020 after she caught my eye as the Lab Rescue “Pup of the Week.”  She turned 15 on 23 May.  She was deaf, had problems with depth perception and had balance issues.  She also came to us with a bunch of rotten, infected teeth and malignant tumors in her mouth, but my vet took care of what she found and Maya did really well afterwards.  My goal was to give her the best old age she could get for the time she had left.  Maya was a feisty old girl with a mind of her own from the first day she was with us until the day she left us.  She had a better attitude under adversity than most people I’ve known.

Maya enjoyed eating (usually ground sausage or torn up rotisserie chicken) and looked forward to her Pupperoni and Milkbone treats.  She also liked taking long naps in the house and roaming around the back yard taking in all of the scents.  When she first came to us, she didn’t like being held or petted, but she soon got used to me and started looking for me to pet, scratch and brush her.  She was most comfortable being where she could keep track of me and the rest of the pack. 

Maya leaves behind Max, Molly, Blacky and Lucy in addition to me, my husband, Ralph, and my sister, Stacy.  Although she was only with us for seven months, she gave us a lifetime of love.  She will be greatly missed.

--Lisa Maloney


Honey, You did the very best you could to insure that Maya would be as comfortable as possible during the months you had her. Even though that was a relatively short time, I know you had an attachment to her and I know the loss hurts. You can be proud of the care you gave to her! Love, Mom
Meaya could not possibly had a better few months in her life without coming into yours. You spare no expense, nor time commitment, to the dogs in your life. I saw that in person. She most certainly is looking down on you with gratitude and according to my personal beliefs will be waiting to greet you when you leave here. She was so lucky to have you.