Shandy Murphy

          May 10, 2012 –

      November 10, 2020

Our daughter, Dani, had a friend whose pug had puppies.  My husband, Glenn, always loved pugs, so we took one of the puppies.  Shandy loved being with her family.  She loved snuggling on her favorite bed by the fireplace and getting lots of treats from her family.  Shandy loved to catch her treats.

She received the “Best Companion Award”; Shandy was our shining star.  She was very loyal and would bark at strangers until she got to know them.  She always alerted us when there were visitors. 

Shandy loved her family most!  She would patiently sit at my feet while I was cooking and eagerly await her sample; often times she would whimper unit I gave it to her.   She made our home rock!  Shandy was so energetic and such a happy girl.  She would get very “vocal” with her loud “whine”.  Shandy brightened our days just by being “her”.  She was a good sport and so happy-go-lucky.  Shandy made me laugh and smile as I talked to her; she would turn her head side to side, like she understood everything being said to her. 

When she lost her vision, I was so worried about her.  How would she learn to navigate her home surroundings?  After a few days at home, she proved to us just how strong she was.  It was like her other senses kicked in and she was using her memory to move around the house and outdoors.  She was such a trooper and a true inspiration to us.

Shandy is survived by me, her mom and her dad, Glenn; siblings, Dani & Chris Jones, Bayleigh, Mallory, Nataleigh, and Alex.

“Shandy, you are greatly missed but know we will see you again someday!  Rest in peace big girl!  We love you!”

  • Donna Murphy