Beacon Russell

May 2004 - November 2021

Beacon Russell passed away peacefully in Tysons Corner, Virginia, on the morning of November 2, 2021.  He was an energetic tri-color Jack Russell Terrier whose life spanned seventeen and one-half wonderful years.  He was laid to rest at All Pets Chapel in Winchester after a celebration of his life.

Beacon is survived by his doting adopted canine sister, Bounce, and his human parents, Jack, Susan, Edward, and Phillipe.  He is proceeded in his passing by his canine mother, Lilly, sisters, Tosca and Margot, and brother, Blix.  

Beacon's primary profession was being an affable, attentive, fun-loving Jack Russell Terrier, but he had odd jobs.  He was a calendar model for PetPlan, the featured dog on a bestselling greeting card, and the subject of numerous newspaper articles (including USA Today).  Humorously, he was known by all as “the professional gift opener at birthdays and holidays”.  Beacon was a champion JRT racer and won twenty-nine championship races (thirty, if you count the time that he jumped out of his mom's arms into a race in which he was not entered --- and won).  He did not miss a single Frederick Keys’ Bark in the Park baseball game in seventeen years.  In July 2021, he was invited by the Keys to "throw out the first pitch" and Beacon did so with the assistance of his mom.  For good measure, he later caught a foul ball while his dad was eating a hot dog.  Beacon’s other joys were obsessively fetching his orange ball, swimming and surfboarding with Bounce at Assateague Island and riding shotgun on shelter dog rescue trips to Kentucky and South Carolina. 

Mostly, Beacon enjoyed long walks in a forest called Fox World to see his woodland friends - red foxes, barred owls, red-shouldered hawks, great blue heron, whitetail deer, raccoons, northern cardinals, blue jays, and eastern bluebirds.  He was friends with them all and guarded the forest ferociously.  His dad wrote a book about their walks with the foxes and recently (and fittingly), Beacon opened the first UPS box of books from the publisher.  Beacon became sick one week later and, sadly to all, crossed over, but not before enjoying his favorite activity --- he sat in his favorite chair alongside his parents and watched one last Green Bay Packers game.  To his delight, they won.

Godspeed to you, little champion.  You will be immensely missed and loved throughout eternity.  


Beacon was good friends with Lucy Brannock, his Bichon bestie. Lucy loved nothing more than to visit Beacon and run in circles through the house chasing each other for hours on end. Lucy always knew she was headed for a good time when Beacon was coming and started jumping up and down and barking at the mention of his name. Beacon has now joined Lucy in their heavenly home where they are once again joyfully chasing each and and loving their time together.