Duchess Smith


February 7, 2015

November 15, 2021


We found Duchess at a Rescue Shelter; she ran right up to us, so Duchess chose us to be her family.  We loved every minute of it!

Duchess enjoyed being the baby and a Diva.  She loved to smile and get her way, every time.  Our favorite memory will be how Duchess always came running so fast when she heard the electric knife being turned on.  Duchess would wait so patiently to receive something good.

Duchess was a true Diva.  She knew how to get all the attention and her way.  She crossed the Rainbow Bridge to be with her brother, Simba Lou, on November 15, 2021.  Duchess is survived by us and her siblings; MiMi, Bubbies, Sister Princess Macy and bubbies, Taz and Cujo. 

We will always love you and miss you, our baby girl.  Duchess will always be in our hearts.

  • Jonathan and Debbie Smith