Shawnee Thornton




Dec. 11, 2003


Oct. 22, 2018





Shawnee was adopted from the Fauquier SPCA.  I knew the moment she looked into my eyes, she was our companion.  Shawnee picked us!!  

Shawnee loved to walk trails, sniff at poop and lay on the porch to sunbathe.  She understood everything.  And knew how to roll, shake hands and speak!

My favorite memory of Shawnee is her ears; silky and soft.  They would fly in the air when she ran or when she would stick her head out the window on car rides.  Shawnee was the most clever and soulful dog we’ve ever known.  She could escape any enclosure and open any door to follow a scent.  But she’d always come home.  

Shawnee is survived by her loving mom, dad, sister and niece. Shawnee's niece loved her so much that she inspired her first word ("doggie!"). We were very blessed to have walked with her for 14 years and will miss her deeply.

Nicole Thornton, Shawnee’s mom


We fondly remember our visits to VA, seeing how Shawnee adored her family, especially her Mom Nicole. Yes, her silky ears were amazing - we loved to stroke them, and she loved it too. When they came to visit us in MA, Shawnee always waited patiently for us to return from an errand or going out to eat, and then greeted us eagerly upon our return. We will miss you, Shawnee, and can picture you frolicking in doggie heaven, even with Mary Lou, though you had “issues” with each other down here. Up there, all is bliss!! Sending blessings and love to all.