Gatsby Lewis

Gatsby Lewis joined our family in November, 2004, rescued from the Charleston SPCA when Bryan & Christa were stationed there with the Air Force. After Christa’s mom passed away, Bryan suggested that they go “look” at dogs, and it was that very visit that we fell in love and adopted him that day. Named for the storyline of The Great Gatsby, upon moving from a shelter to base-housing too large for just the two of Bryan & Christa, he truly went from “rags to riches, Old Sport”. We estimated his birthday to be in March of that year, and in honor of Bryan’s favorite holiday and in keeping with both our birthdays on the 17th of the month, we gave him the birthday of St. Patrick’s Day, March 17, 2004.

Memories flood our hearts, and it’s hard to narrow them down because he was with us on just about every trip: visiting family, MANY camping adventures, and even just trips to and from work to dog-friendly offices…he LOVED car rides! He loved chasing squirrels, playing tug-of-war, chasing after sticks thrown for him-but never returning them, and even got in on the Halloween fun of dressing up with the rest of us! Tricks included: sit, stay, lay down, roll over, beg, shake and balancing a treat on his nose until commanded to catch it mid-air. One thing most people will remember about Gatsby, especially in his latter years is his heavy panting – the house seems so quiet now, and we miss that heavy-breather. 

When we first brought children into his life, Gatsby was understandably a little leery at such a creature. But with time, he learned that these little humans leave lots of food on the floor, and he grew to love and protect the little Lewises. He saw us through five moves, with the last being to our (hopefully) forever-home, and his final destination. At exactly 15½ years old, on Tuesday, September 17, 2019, Gatsby departed with love in his eyes, and with ears being rubbed like he always liked. Gatsby is survived by his parents, Bryan & Christa, his “siblings”, Lily, August & Mathias, and fish friends, Moonlight & Starlight. He will forever remain in our hearts as truly the best dog we could’ve ever hoped for.