Zeb Nurko

Zebadiah Nurko

January 20, 2010 – October 9, 2019

Zeb was adopted from Briggs Animal Shelter in Charles Town, WV.   He was unusual as he came right to us and seemed to pick us.  Zeb loved to bark at the deer in the back yard.  He enjoyed playing with his stuffed hedgehog.  And when it came time for a treat, Zeb always waited for permission before taking it.  He lived to play ball and to retrieve.  Zeb would get so excited to see us when we returned home after being gone, even if for only an hour.

We have had other dogs.  Zeb was the most connected emotionally, very intune.  When we got him we checked his name in the biblical meanings, “Gift from God”. We waited 2 years to adopt and when Zeb became available, we were called first.  It was really a Divine event and we were destined to share our time with this special soul.

- Paul and Lorraine Nurko



Lorraine and Paul, What a beautiful pup. Although I didn't meet him personally, just by looking at his picture I can tell he is special. I know what it is like to lose a little soulmate. God Bless Zeb and both of you. Stephanie