Sampson Hudson


Oct 16, 2004


Oct 22, 2020


Place of Birth: Leesburg, VA

Place of Death: Winchester, VA


Sampson, better known as Sammy, came into my life because the ER Animal Hospital in Leesburg, VA was looking for a forever home for him.  He had been brought to the ER because he was very ill with several different problems.  The couple who owned him could not pay the bill and wanted him put to sleep.  The Hospital asked if they would give Sammy to them, because they thought they could help him.  They were able to do so, and through a friend, I found out they were looking for a home.  I drove to Leesburg at 8:00pm on a Sunday night to see him.  I fell in love immediately and brought him home.  That was 14 years ago and he was such a joy in my life and the lives of several others.

His favorite thing to do, I think, was eating treats.  His favorite toy was a purple long legs stuffed rabbit.  We called him Purple Legs.  He also like toys with catnip in them.

My favorite memories include his running down the hallway to greet visitors, talking all the way.  He loved people and was excited when someone would come to visit.  I was in the hospital several times and had home nursing and physical therapy for several weeks.  He was so excited when they would come.

  • Sara Hudson, Sammy’s mom