Wrangler “Dang Dang” Smith










Wrangler was adopted from Dog Gone Pets in Martinsburg, WV on Mother’s Day, May 10, 2008.  He loved anything that squeaked and was best known as an escape artist. 

When Wrangler’s mom was pregnant with his sissy, Leilani, he would lay his head on her belly and loved feeling her kick.  He was her protector.  He also loved playing in the snow.  We loved to take rides to PetSmart to buy bones, treats, new outfits, and then go grab lunch at McDonalds, then onto Dairy Queen for dessert.  Wrangler was a spunky pup that loved to play and run around like a race horse.  And he enjoyed being dressed up. 

Wrangler is survived by his mom, Kayla; human sister, Leilani and his Grandma, Susan; as well as his canine siblings, Wiley and Cricket.  He was preceded in death by his canine sisters, Wickett, Winnie, Willow and Lily; and canine brothers, Wizzer, Willy, and Wi-ski; all of whom met him as he crossed over the bridge into Heaven.

Wrangler will be truly missed.  Until we meet again, we love you Dang Dang!  Run free with your brothers and sisters!  RUN FREE!