Pirate Dodson


July 22, 2013

October 17, 2021


Pirate came into our lives in November, 2013 through friends at Church.  We had been on a waiting list for a pup when he came into our lives.  Pirate was the runt of the litter and was born with only one eye, thus his name. 

He enjoyed taking walks, playing with HIS cows and sleeping.  When Pirate was excited, we loved watching him go into his Bischon “Blast” around the yard and in the house.  While sitting in the recliner, he always wanted to be out on the end between your legs; we called that the bridge.  Pirate always would run to the window and wait, when told, his daddy would be home soon.  We will forever remember Pirates HUGE personality and how he gave ALL his love endlessly!

Pirate may have been the smallest pup and born with one eye, however he had a personality a lot larger than he.  And Pirate has left a large hole in our hearts.  Until we see you again across the bridge…

  • Mark and Rhonda Dodson