Tide Canas-Velasquez

6/17/2020 – 10/24/21

Tide came into our family through a mechanic who told us no one wanted her because she was so tiny.  He said he knew we were the right family and that we would take good care of her.   In hindsight she was good for us too.  Tide loved to play with sparkly things; she also liked to exercise on the running machine.  Tide never had a favorite toy; she would play with every little thing, including grocery bags and boxes.  Tide like to peek into purses too.  In our eyes she was the best loving and caring little Princess.

When Tide was little she would get excited when we came home from work, she would climb on our legs and give us the best hugs.  Tide was the nicest cat ever; she made friends with everyone, including strangers.  Tide enjoyed being petted and knew when someone was upset; she would give them her cuddles and love.

Tide crossed the bridge long before we felt she should.  We will always love her.  Although we only had Tide for a year; it is surprising how she could change our lives in such little time.  Tide you will be in our hearts forever and we will think about you always, our little caring Tide.  Furever with us!

  • Erika and Leonardo Canas, Beatriz and Miranda Velasquez and Blacky