Harley Storm Combs






October 27, 2010


August 31, 2017







Harley loved his Snake Pull toy and a Kong filled with peanut butter.  He enjoyed Stupid Dog, swimming, fetch and riding with Mom and Dad; who Harley also enjoyed sleeping with in their king size bed.  Harley liked everything, except Thunderstorms and Fireworks.  Harley Bug or HB, affectionately called by his family, will be greatly missed; first and foremost how Harley entered their lives Christmas Day, 2010, WOW!

Harley is survived by his parents, Kevin Combs and Sandra Proctor; siblings, Mikki, Candi, Tammy, Jeannie, Gavyn, Austin, Keith, Jax, Kasey, Jackson, Maggie, Kayla, Dakota, Fergie, Vincent and Lacey.  He is also survived by his favorite friends, Erin, the Staff at Kingdom Animal Hospital, Don Fairman, Mel, Wayne, Brenda,  Groomingtails, Homer, Paul, Kirby, and the Rollers.