Jacob Edward “Jake” Burau





March, 2004 – September, 2018





Jake came to the Burau family as a pup and stole their hearts from the first wiggle butt!  He enjoyed walks and car rides.  Jake would blow bubbles with his spit; which would cause his family to laugh.  He loved to play with his sisters’ Elmo and snuggling up in fleece blankets. 

Jake’s family misses him terribly.  They remember how he would stretch his legs out on the couch and sitting up like a person.  His mom would always put her feet under him and he would keep them warm.  Jake would pull the tea towel off the oven door and how he’d take his dad’s wash cloth.  The day dad had to get stitches because Jake wanted to play and accidently bit his dad’s ear.  And, how he would wake his sister up in the mornings by licking her face.  All these memories are cherished and will be imprinted on his family’s heart forever.

Jake crossed the Rainbow Bridge on September 27th.  He is survived by his family; Dad, Jason; mom, Becky; sister, Nicole and his canine sister, Daisy.


Pets come into our lives with Love at first lick(kiss). Although we wish they could be with us forever, they will forever be in our hearts. Love you all, Arlene
Jake has been an important part of our family and will be missed by his friend Murphy dog! His gentleness and his way of talking to you and stealing Murphy’s pig will be some of the memories we will cherish! Rest In Peace faithful friend!