Asher Litt





December, 2008

September 7, 2021








Asher left his furever home on September 7th 2021. Born in December of 2008 in Green Spring WV, Asher moved into his furever home in Burlington WV in February of 2009. As soon as Asher walked through the door he picked Roberta Litt to be his “mommy”. He was loyal, devoted, and protective of her from that point never leaving her side. In Asher’s younger years he could run like the wind and loved playing with balls. He was always friendly with the outside cats that roamed around in his yard. In Asher’s later years he slowed down and was happy just being with his mom snuggling, getting petted, watching tv, and sharing meals. Asher was loved deeply and will be missed tremendously. He was the best dog and friend anyone could ever have.